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When Should I Replace My Seamless Gutters?

Repairs are always an attractive choice when your gutters have an issue. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it pays not to be wasteful. However, there comes a point when even the best seamless gutter system has outlived its lifespan and becomes more trouble to maintain than it’s worth. Maintenance issues pop up more frequently and become more extensive, and to a certain point, it’s more cost-efficient and practical to simply replace them. While you should arrange a new seamless gutter installation at the end of your existing system’s lifespan, it may be necessary to replace it sooner as well.

Seamless Gutters Lifespan

The ideal lifespan of seamless gutters varies depending on the building material. For instance, aluminum gutters should last 20+ years, but a copper model can last more than 50. However, this is assuming that the owner maintains good maintenance practices and that the climate isn’t too harsh.

Extreme heat and cold can each warp a gutter system over the course of decades. Without regular gutter cleaning, debris can create blockages that amplify the strain your system experiences any time it rains as well. When your gutters have taken too much punishment for repair to be practical, you’ll have the following signs to look out for.

Signs You Should Replace Your Seamless Gutters

There are many signs that you need to hire a contractor to handle a new seamless gutter installation for your property. While few of these issues are impossible to solve via repair instead, the dilemma isn’t whether or not the gutters are unfixable. Rather, the problem is that as time goes by, issues that are benign on their own begin piling up, until it seems like there’s always some problem to repair. Not to mention, little problems have a way of snowballing with subtle, but steadily increasing levels of permanent damage.

Frequent Issues with Nails, Screws, and Fasteners

Nails, screws, and fasteners are the main weak points of a gutter system, and water pressure may occasionally force them out. If it starts to happen regularly, though, it indicates a more serious underlying problem that you’ll need seamless gutter replacement to resolve.

Sagging Gutters

Even if the fasteners and nails hold up, the core material of your gutters can eventually start to give way. It can be hard to notice when a section is beginning to sag, but even an unnoticeable level creates several problems. On the one hand, it naturally begins to experience greater pressure which only makes the sagging worse. On the other, even a tiny sagging section can catch water and debris, creating a stagnant water source for pests to thrive in.

Rainwater Flows Over the Edges

Usually, it’s possible to fix an overflowing set of gutters by eliminating debris that’s pooled inside of them. However, it’s sometimes the case that your gutters simply aren’t large enough to handle the volume of rainwater in your area. When this is the case, you have no choice but to replace your gutters with a more high-capacity set. If water overflows from the edges on a regular basis, it can seep into your foundation and facilitate mold growth, pest infestation, and rot.

Cost of Seamless Gutters

While seamless gutters can have a modestly greater up-front cost than traditional models, they make up for it considerably with greater strength and reliability. Since they don’t have the welded joints of traditional gutters, they lack a key point for debris to build up and create blockages that will strain the system. Depending on the type of material, the height of the installation site, and other factors, the price of seamless gutter installation can range from $7-$40 when comparing low-end and high-end materials.

Call Clarksville Gutter Pros for Seamless Gutter Replacement and Repair

If you’re not sure whether or not you need replacement or repairs, call the Clarksville Gutter Pros at (931) 272-8540. We can assess your situation, evaluate the state of your gutters, and make a recommendation that’s in line with your needs and budget. Our team is proud to be the trusted service provider of many Clarksville homeowners, and we look forward to earning your trust too.

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