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Things To Ask Before Hiring A Roofer

Your home’s roof is a critical part of your house and property investment. Keeping it in good shape is vital for your safety and comfort. Maintaining the condition of your home’s roof is also essential to ensure it adds value to the property rather than detracting from it.

Questions to Ask Your Roofer

There are several things to ask before hiring a roofer to fix or maintain your roof, which will get you the best possible service and results. These questions will also help ensure you protect yourself and your property from unscrupulous companies.

1. Ask the Community

Your best route is to ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors about roofing companies they’ve used. This approach is the quickest way to learn which roofing companies have excellent reputations and which do not.

If you use a local Tennessee roofing company with close ties to the neighborhood, the chances are also good that they are invested in preserving a good reputation in the community. News travels fast, so they won’t easily take shortcuts if they want more work in the Clarksville area. Local referrals are like gold because they’re good references for the roofing company and assure you that the roofer is trustworthy and reliable.

2. Is the Roofer Licensed, Insured, or Both?

Does the roofer have a license? If they are not required to have a license in your state, then you’ll want to ask them if they have sufficient insurance to cover the costs of labor injuries while at work. You don’t want this responsibility, so ask the roofing company to provide proof of their worker insurance certificate.

3. Manufacturer Material Installation Certification

Ask the roofing company to show you proof of certification to work with specific manufacturer materials. You will feel confidant if the roofing company can demonstrate proper training for installing your roofing product.

4. Does the Company Offer Roof Warranties?

You should enquire about a warranty for your roof.  An extensive warranty for materials and labor is advisable to insure your investment for the future. Plus, this type of warranty is transferable once to the next property owner if you sell the property.

Using a qualified roofer and a solid warranty is vital for protecting yourself and your property, as problems can take a while to appear, if at all. If you don’t have a warranty and the roof starts falling apart in two years, you will be out of pocket and need to make a similar investment without the safety net a warranty provides.

5. How Much Experience Do They Have?

Besides the questions above, you need to know how much experience your roofer has in the industry. Other than the years of experience, consider asking the roofer the following questions:

  • Can they provide you with certified references from previous customers attesting to the quality of their materials and labor?
  • Will they provide you with a written estimate for the job?
  • Will they include ice and water barriers following a thorough evaluation, if necessary?
  • Will they fit a synthetic underlayment for additional protection?
  • Do they ensure that they comply with all the local building codes and provide proof thereof?
  • Will they ensure that there is sufficient ventilation in the roofing system?

The Roofing Professionals

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