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DIY – How to Clean Your Gutters

Over time, leaves and debris can settle on your Clarksville rain gutters and cause them to clog – resulting in bigger problems for your home’s interiors and structural foundation down the track. Properly functioning gutters will keep water from entering your home, which is why cleaning them regularly is an important step in protecting your home. So, let’s learn how to do that.

Use a Ladder Safely

Ladder safety should be your number 1 priority because even a small mistake could lead to major injuries or even death. Be sure to use a stable ladder that comfortably reaches your roof to help you clean your gutters more easily. Have someone else standing down at the bottom so they can secure the base and provide that additional layer of stability. This is a good way to prevent the ladder (and yourself) from falling over. Set the ladder against the wall of your property and not against the gutter just to make sure it doesn’t slip. Avoid walking along the roof to clean the gutters because this is a big safety hazard and can lead to a preventable accident. While DIY cleaning is possible for the average homeowner, keep in mind, there is always a risk for untrained homeowners. A professional gutter cleaning company such as The Gutter Pros knows how to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Wear the Right Protective Clothes

While this may sound like a common sense request, you’ll be surprised at the number of accidents that could have been prevented just by wearing the right footwear. Clothing should ideally cover long pants, a comfortable long-sleeved shirt and closed shoes with a strong bottom grip – ideally made from rubber. Avoid going bare feet or with flip-flops, as this can prove to be a major slipping hazard. You’ll also want to wear goggles to protect your eyes from flying dust and debris, a hat to avoid the harsh rays of the sun and gloves to protect your hands from any injury.

Get the Right Gutter Cleaning Tools

For a safe and thorough job, it is also important to ensure you have the right gutter cleaning tools to use. For example, a leaf blower with a nozzle attachment to blow leaves and twigs out of the gutter. You may also need a power washer to blast away leaves and debris. Other tools, such as a gutter scoop, will also come in handy. However, you may want to consider the fact that without the right experience and training, your gutter may not fully unclog no matter what you try. In this case, it is best to leave the job to the professionals who know the areas to tackle and the right tools to use in different situations. This can be the most cost-effective approach to preventing major structural damage to your home in the long run.

Check and Clean Gutters Regularly

The frequency of cleaning gutters is usually dependent on where you live and how much greenery you have around your home. As a general rule, once a year is usually enough once the leaves fall, but if you live in an area with plenty of trees and greenery, then you may want to check a couple of additional times a year to prevent any major gutter clogs. Checking your gutters is a small step towards protecting your home from any major damage. If this is something you are not confident about doing on your own, the professionals at The Gutter Pros are always here to help.

Preventive Gutter Maintenance

Prevention is Better than Cure

At the end of the day, preventing clogged gutters is far better than having to fix the problem, which is why gutter cleaning is such a vital need for homeowners. To reduce the risk of clogs and allow stormwater to flow seamlessly into your pipes, make sure your gutters remain clean year-round. Instead of taking the risk of DIY cleaning yourself, why not contact the trained experts at The Gutter Pros. We clean all types of gutter systems for properties and will make sure the job is safely and efficiently carried out – minimizing any risk and protecting your home now and for years to come.

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