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Winter Maintenance Tips for Gutters

As winter in Tennessee and Kentucky sets in, you need to think about preparing your gutters to survive the cold season. A few basic maintenance tips can help you to protect your gutters in the face of rain, storms, and snow. Take a look at the following tips.

1. Clean Gutters for Winter

The Gutter Professionals recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice a year. One of the best times to clean your gutters is right before the winter season, so that they are empty and ready to stand up to the increased volume of water that might result from winter storms or snow melt.

2. Clean the Roof As Well

In addition to cleaning your gutters in preparation for winter, it is also a good idea to clean the roof as well. Winter rains wash debris from the roof into the gutters, which can cause them to become blocked.

You can attempt to clean your own roof with a power washer, but a better option is to work with a roof cleaning service. Professionals have all the equipment needed to carry out a thorough clean, without taking any unnecessary risks. Climbing up onto your roof is dangerous, so you should avoid doing it and leave it to the professionals instead.

3. Inspect Gutters for Leaks, Holes, Rust, and Corrosion

Once you have cleaned the gutters and water is running freely through the downspouts, the next step is to inspect your gutters for leaks, holes, rust, and corrosion. Pay particular attention to the gutter joints, where corrosion is most likely to cause a leak to develop.

You can temporarily fix leaks in gutters using a gutter patching kit, but often it is better to hire a gutter service to carry out repairs. If your gutters are very badly rusted or damaged, it is best to replace them. The Gutter Professionals can advise you on the best type of gutters to choose as a replacement, which might include copper, vinyl, or aluminium. These options are all less susceptible to rust than cast iron guttering.

4. Check the Gutter Framework

As well as checking the condition of your gutters themselves, it is also important to check the framework that holds them to the roof or siding of your home. If the guttering is coming away from the building, it is important to reattach it so that it is secure.

5. Check the Downspouts As Well

When inspecting your gutters, it is important not to forget about the downspouts, which perform the vital function of carrying water from the gutters down to the drain on the ground. Downspouts can also be affected by corrosion, leaks, rust, and holes. Repair or replace downspouts that are in poor condition.

Check the functioning of your downspouts by looking to see where the runoff from them pools. You can use a downspout extender to improve the positioning of the drainage.

6. Check Again After a Storm

Even if you have checked your gutters carefully before the start of winter, it is still a good idea to check them again after a storm. A major storm can strip leaves, twigs, and even branches from trees, with the result that your gutters end up blocked with debris. Clear this debris away to keep your gutters functioning well.

6. Stay Safe

Gutters are often difficult to access, which can mean that checking them is a hazardous process involving climbing on ladders or climbing onto the roof. Never put your personal safety at risk by doing anything that does not feel completely safe. If you cannot clean or inspect your gutters safely, call The Gutter Professionals. We can meet all your winter gutter maintenance needs.

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