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The Importance Of Gutter Maintenance

One of the responsibilities of owning a house or any building is maintenance. Taking care of the gutters can be a dreaded (sometimes even forgotten) task that no one wants to take care of themselves. Thankfully there are professional cleaners and gutter technicians who deal with gutter repair, maintenance, and cleaning.

The Importance Of Gutters

Gutters may seem like a pain and a simple addition to your house, but in reality, they do a lot for you to prevent damage to your property. Their main purpose is to divert water away from your building that could otherwise cause expensive damage. Your siding, basement, foundation, and landscaping all benefit from the simple fact that you have gutters.

Erosion from water can be disastrous on any house. Siding that is exposed can start to rot through, and paint that was once pristine will start to fade. Homes located in rainy areas can even begin to grow mold and mildew without the protection of gutters. Your gardens and yard work are susceptible to heavy rain or washes too if you are not careful. Even your basement can be flooded, or worse—your foundation can shift because of improper water flow around the house.

In the long run, gutters can limit the effects that erosion has on important locations while improving water flow to prevent any flooding or foundational problems. That is why regular maintenance to prevent drooping or damage from occurring is important to the longevity of your home. They might not seem like much, but Clarksville gutters do a lot to protect property from damage.

Why Maintain Gutters

Maintaining gutters is fairly easy and doing so regularly can prevent home damage too. While the gutters themselves offer protection from erosion, they are susceptible to catching leaves and other debris that might get carried over during a heavy rain. The accumulated weight of this debris can cause significant damage not only to the gutters themselves but also to your Tennessee home.

Gutters are placed directly on the edge of your roof, meaning the overhanging sections must support all of the weight the gutters accumulate. It might not seem like much, but weight and erosion can cause a strain on your roof potentially resulting in serious damage. If a gutter has too much weight on it, or goes too long without maintenance, it could take part of your roof with it when it falls.

Another issue that plagues gutters is clogging. Although it is unsurprising, debris can easily clog gutter drains, forcing water to pool on the roof and in the gutter before pouring over the edge. When this happens, you might as well not have gutters in the first place, as the water is draining where it would have if they weren’t even there.

Step to Take Care of Gutters

When you are taking care of your gutters, it is important to recognize the point at which they need work. You shouldn’t let them go for long if you realize that something is wrong with them.

If left alone, a simple problem can turn into a major water leak or erosion issue. That is why servicing your gutters is important either on your own or by hiring a professional gutter company.

Making sure that your gutters are in proper working order should be a priority. Repair, maintenance, and cleaning is necessary to ensure that there will be no serious issue in the lifetime of your gutters.

Common Causes of Gutter Damage

Gutter damage typically happens because of a lack of care, but there are extreme cases where weather has played a key role in the damaging of gutters. Ice is particularly bad for gutters of any kind. Not only are the bolts that hold them in place exposed to the cold, but the heavy weight and forming ice can completely ruin gutters. Ice expands when it forms, forcing the gutters to expand with them. There are some covers that you can place on your gutters to avoid worst case scenarios in winter, but if you are caught unprepared, you can face catastrophic damage.

To spot potential issues before they arise here are 5 non-weather-related ways gutters get damaged:

  • Blockage in the gutters
  • Blockage in the pipes
  • Incorrect installation
  • Dislodged joints
  • Inadequate pipes

Most of these can easily be fixed, so long as you know what to look for before it happens. Blockages should be cleared as soon as possible and many joints can easily be tightened back into place.

Clarksville Gutter Professionals

If you are in need of gutter maintenance, repair, or cleaning, The Gutter Professionals is the perfect place to look. We have professionals who can service your Tennessee or Kentucky home quickly and without delay, protecting your property from the potential damages neglected gutters can bring. Contact us to receive a free estimate on your gutter servicing needs.

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